We have T-Shirts, do you want one?

A group of very big-hearted people got together and decided that for every $50.00 donated, we would send them a T-shirt. Can you imagine that, your money donated to help a group of well deserving people, will also get you a T-Shirt.

Now…this is not just any T-Shirt, it’s a “Company Branded” T-Shirt – excellent, am I right or what?

For real…2KHeroes is a great opportunity to help many of our Veterans, First Responders, Educators and our Disabled community enjoy the benefits of a full-time income without the hassles of the work-a-day world.

Please find it in your hearts to give to this well deserving community of people who have served our country and paid the price for our freedoms! Click the Donate button to receive your Company Branded T-Shirt and the opportunity to pay-it-forward!


First 100 2KHeroes

We have a Brand NEW exciting addition to 2Konnect that will blow your socks off.  2KHero Business Scholarship program is a humanitarian project that helps people who have given service to others and are needing a way to create a solid, steady and reliable income for themselves and their family.  2Konnect has joined with 2KHeroes Foundation to provide this opportunity to 100 people as our first Kickoff stage of the program.  Each of these 100 scholarship awardees will receive 3 months of enrollment into 2Konnect as a 2KHero, 3 months enrollment in American Dream Nutrition, 3 months enrollment in M. Network and 3 months enrollment in Nexxus Partners.  They have responsibility to enroll 2 people each month as CIB’s into 2Konnect each month to receive that month’s scholarship.  This will kick off their business growth in a tremendous way and create momentum for the rest of their lives in 2Konnect.

What does all this mean for you?  Not only are we introducing 2KHeroes to the 2Konnect Downline but we are also looking to find those who can qualify as 2KHeroes.  A 2Konnect member can also be a 2KHero but they must apply just as everyone else does.  As a 2Konnect member, you could have a 2KHero in your downline who has a $4000 scholarship for 3 months to build their business in 2Konnect.  That’s powerful!  But you must qualify.

What does it take to qualify?

As an active 2Konnect Citizen Income Builder, when you enroll a Citizen Income Builder for $49.95, 2Konnect will place a 2KHero in the next available position in your matrix with you as the personal sponsor.

There are 100 of these positions available, so act now because they are going fast.  7 were qualified the first day.

A Tribute to the Armed Services – Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Memorial Day Meaning 

We often tend to forget the true meaning of this day. What is the true meaning of this day? To memorize you:  Memorial Day is reserved for those American Soldiers who laid their lives so that the others may live a peaceful life, this is a special day to pay tribute to the indomitable will, eternal courage and great love for the nation that resonates in their heart.

Often we don’t observe Memorial Day but on this day we should actively remember our family members, our loved ones, our friends, and all of them who have bravely confront the enemies and crushed their nefarious desires while guarding their land with their most precious possessions, their lives.


Veteran Loses House to House Jacker

I spoke with a Lady Veteran who struggles with getting her benefits that she has earned.  She has had to find her Veteran son who was kicked out on the street and made homeless by a man who Hijacks houses from unsuspecting Veterans and no one has caught him yet.  She told me this story and I picked my jaw off the floor after I heard it.  There are people taking advantage of our Military Veterans all across American and we can’t stand for it anymore… These people need our help… Please read her story.

Dotty Fowler

My only grandson has a dad that is a disabled Army Veteran, my oldest son. I gave my son my mobile home and went west to Utah. He lost the house and then his car because he has PTSD and physical injuries too and cannot defend himself so he lost the car and house. He delivers Pizza for Mama Mia’s and so I moved 1700 miles to help and now I drive with him on his deliveries four nights a week. We need help getting his car and house back. If just 500 people donated $20 the task would be done. Please help my wounded warrior. Then I need to take him to the VA and appeal their wrongly informed decision to give him only $130 in disability per month. He is in pain as he delivers these wonderful pizzas!!!!

She setup a GoFundMe account asking for donations but hasn’t gotten the response needed.

We are now helping these Veterans earn an income from 2KonnectKares.org and the 2KHeroesScholarship Program.  We are asking that you help us help her and her son. 

Please donate today and we will help them earn the income needed…

Who is a 2KHero?

If you are Active Military, Veteran, First Responder, Disabled, Educator or Dependent?

You are a 2KHero…


…And, we want to give you a Business Scholarship that will build and grow an online business, which will provide an income for you…

How do we treat our female Veterans?

Veterans 2KHeroes Business Scholarship Program

Although accurate numbers are impossible to come by — no one keeps national records on homeless veterans — the VA estimates that 200,00 veterans are homeless on any given night. And approximately twice that many experience homelessness over the course of a year. Conservatively, one out of every three homeless men who is sleeping in a doorway, alley or box in our cities and rural communities has put on a uniform and served this country. According to the National Survey of Homeless Assistance Providers and Clients (U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness and the Urban Institute, 1999), veterans account for 23 percent of all homeless people in America

The Veterans 2KHeroes Foundations believes that teaching our veterans how to fish or by giving them a hand up, will help them long term by providing that missing ingredient which keeps them employed and providing for themselves.