How Hemp Extract Calms Inflammation

Hemp Oil: Nature’s Answer for InflammationInflammation can cause or contribute to the lingering effects of an old injury, wear and tear on the body, or even soreness after intense workouts.

It happens when the immune system is triggered to go into overdrive, and it’s made worse by age, the foods we eat and other factors.

But increasingly, an extract from hemp is showing that it can calm and cool the fires of inflammation, which can add up to real relief.

See why CBD and other cannabinoids in hemp may help…

Hemp Oil: Nature’s Answer for Inflammation

Hemp extract contains powerful compounds including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work to balance the body.

That can mean newfound relief to ease discomfort in hips, shoulders, knees and everywhere else inflammation may flare up from time to time.​​​​​​​

How Hemp Oil Can Calm Inflammation


Young Entrepreneurs Teach Marketers to Use Social Media

Image result for young entrepreneursToday’s teenagers spend a lot of time tweeting, Facebooking, and otherwise engaging via social media. A Pew Internet report (2019) on American teens’ usage of the Internet found that:

95% of teens (12–17 years) use the Internet.
Roughly 80% of teens use some form of social media.
77% of online teens use Facebook.
24% of online teens use Twitter (versus 16% of adults).

According to the Pew study, many users, particularly girls and older teens, visit social networking sites several times a day. They frequently use multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Google Plus, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, and others for a variety of purposes.

Now some enterprising young entrepreneurs have figured out how to capitalize on their own knowledge, experience, and skill in using social media to help businesses define and execute their social media marketing strategies.

Fifteen-year-old Lane Sutton, for example, consults with a number of small businesses and has been featured on CNN, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Adweek, Fox Business and other media outlets. Sutton, who began social media consulting at 13, advises clients to use social media as an engagement and conversation channel and emphasizes inbound marketing strategies that personalize and humanize marketing efforts.

Another company, the Dash Agency, was founded by high school friends Christian Lunny and David Bell. These two teens help companies tailor their marketing messages through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. They’ve worked with established companies such as Aveda Canada and the Boyd Group, as well as startups and solopreneurs.

Now that social media has become embedded in the marketing mix of most organizations, young entrepreneurs are showing even seasoned marketing professionals just how to maximize its power and potential

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Social Media Marketing – An Influential Marketing Tool

The strategy of social media marketing is generally accepted, it is the fact that it can help your business in many ways. The idea of social media marketing is way beyond than just brand awareness. Many companies hire specialized digital marketing agencies that can handle their channels. Use it for your business can be fruitful for you. Here are some great advantages that help you to understand its need for your business.

Makes Your Brand Alive – Having a website means that the brand exists but having social media channels means that the brand is active. SMO helps a brand to stay alive as if people are searching your company on different platforms and you are not active so, they might think that the business is defunct. Ignoring this powerful marketing tool can be a big mistake one can make.Image result for social media marketing

Increase Customer Enquiries – Getting regular enquiries can be beneficial for every business, as it has the maximum chances of generating more leads that are new. Many people use social media to drop their enquiry usually in the comment section or in the inbox. Ignoring them can display a sign of poor service.

Share Influential Content – Social media is a wide platform that consists of huge audience groups. It is the best way that helps you to share your content according to your market niche. It also provides you the chance to build a connection with new people-that can be anyone like a good client or a potential customer.

Reduces Marketing Cost – Social media marketing is known as the best marketing tool. It can also benefit the startups and help your business to grow. It does not require a huge marketing cost hence; it is the best way to promote your brand effectively. Many companies hire a digital marketing firm to promote their brand among their business niches.

Engage Your Customer – Social media is the best platform that helps you to engage your customers. A positive engagement can help you get new leads and grow your business. This can also improve a customer experience as; people love to stay connected with the brand they love. It is the cheapest method where you can get the maximum number of potential clients.

These are some of the benefits of being active on social media. This influential marketing tool helps you to build a strong brand image. You can get the high number of customers through this platform. You can hire a good PR firm that can manage your different social channels and provides you the effective results.

By: Gunjan SIngh

Never Forget 9.11.2001 …

Lord, we humble ourselves in prayer today and remember so many lives lost and forever changed on September 11, 2001. We intercede for those who were hurt or lost loved ones and are still struggling. May they now know Jesus — the healer of their hearts and minds. May they know the depth of His love and care for them. Our nation feels less safe than it did before 9/11. However, God’s perfect love casts out all fear. Lord send revival to America. Break the power of the enemy to lay a blanket of fear across this nation! We have a harvest to bring in! In Jesus’s loving name!!! Amen & Amen! …

God Bless the USA!


What Veterans Can Teach Us About Purpose — Social Health

Finding purpose after leaving the military is often one of the most difficult parts of the transition. In the military, members experience a high level of communal purpose. This sense of communal purpose and belonging offered in the military is unparalleled in civilian life. As one veteran states: We are all in the same spot, […]

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They Sat Next To Each Other On A Plane. When The Soldier Got To His Hotel There Was A Note Waiting


This story originally appeared at AWM.

A businessman man was waiting for his plane to take off when he noticed when the United States soldier walk board plane, wearing his uniform. The businessman, Brad, was pleased when the soldier sat down in the seat next to his. He greeted the member of the U.S. Army, who introduced himself as Mr. Glascott. The two shared a few kind words and established a friendly connection.

During their flight, Glascott had said he was on leave and headed home. The soldier and father was planning a trip to Great Wolf Lodge with his family. It was his son’s ninth birthday, and Glascott wanted to give his son a great time they all would remember.

After the flight landed, the two men parted ways. Glascott felt good about the conversation he had with the businessman but didn’t think about it again. He soon found his family waiting for him waiting at the gate. Not long later, the family went to the lodge to celebrate the boy’s birthday. But when they got to the resort, Glascott was greeted with a surprise.

The receptionist at the front desk told him before he could check in that there was a note on his account.

Glascott was worried something had gone wrong with the reservation. He didn’t know what he would do if the vacation and birthday plans for his son were ruined.

When asked, the receptionist said, “You have a message on your account from Brad.”

Glascott had no idea who this Brad was. Not only was it a mystery to him, the whole family was puzzled. The receptionist told Glascott that Brad was sending his good wishes to the family from Atlanta. Then it clicked for the soldier, Brad was the businessman he had met on the plane.

While he thought it was thoughtful that Brad had left his family a note, he was stunned when the receptionist said that there was more.

The Army dad was all ready to check into the resort. After getting a nice note from the man he met on his flight, Glascott pulled out his credit card to pay for the stay. The receptionist waved away Glascott’s card.

“Your money is not good here, soldier,” she said.

Now Glascott was confused. He started to object having never faced this issue before. The receptionist interrupted before he could say anything.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” she said. “Your account has been paid in full, Brad wants you and your family to enjoy your stay at Great Wolf Lodge.”

Glascott couldn’t believe what was happening. Brad had given his family a great gift. His eyes began to water. He was overwhelmed. After years of service, it was a total stranger who let him know he — and his service — was greatly appreciated.

While the family enjoyed the free stay at the resort, Glascott’s son got the best gift of all: time spent with his dad home from deployment.