Veteran is Homeless and Unemployed…

Steven PhillipsI was in the Army 10 years. Got out after Iraq. It has been a constant slide til this past year I hit rock bottom. Divorced, homeless and unemployed I tried to commit suicide for the fourth time. I found myself in a veteran’s home where I was finally cared for. Social workers who listened, doctors who cared, I’m not completely home yet, and after my experiences in Iraq, I never will be, but at least I am finally learning to manage with the pain and baggage. Every day I weep, every day I hurt and ache, every day I long for someone to see the potential in me, a classically trained chef who can’t even get a job in fast food. Like I said, I’ll never be who I was, but I can learn to live with who I have become.

Steven Phillips
Killeen, TX
2KonnectKares is helping Unemployed Veterans build a business that they can run, earn from and grow it.  It works!  We need to help them make it work.  With a small donation from many, we all can help a little become a great gift to tens of thousands of Unemployed Veterans who need our help.  Please donate something today and share this with your friends.
2KonnectKares is a non-profit organization with the specific goal of helping any and all HERO’s who are unable to find work to support themselves and their families.  This is not just a dream.  This is a reality of creating work right from the start that will help them become what they want to become… respected, respectful citizens that can support themselves.
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I would be happy with any work I can find…

Although this happened a few years ago, this is not uncommon today. We will bring you more stories of the challenges unemployed veterans have…  Please help with your contributions and help us help the veterans struggling to find work.

The job I lost

I was recently discharged from the US ARMY back in February 09, and have not been able to find work since then. I have been surviving on unemployment since I got out.

What it’s like being unemployed

Since then my wife and I have been searching for jobs, up until she found out she wpregnant-womanas pregnant. I continued to look, we even moved from MI to FL thinking work could be found there, but there we found a major unemployment rate, too.

So we moved back to MI in October 09. We were surviving on unemployment the whole time we were searching. My wife had our daughter on January 11th of this year and since then she has gotten back to searching for work just as much as I have. But now that congress has denied the extension, we worry about how we are going to pay our bills, and take care of our daughter. With out the extension we are going to lose our car, which is the only means of transportation that we have. If that happens we have no way of going out to search for the much needed jobs. The unemployment is the only way that we are going to be able to survive.


  • I have learned that you should not take any job that you have for granted. I had no choice but to be discharged. But for the people who quit a job just because they don’t like it, It is foolish. I would be happy with any work I can find, just because I know it will help my family.