Visit with Eddie Stone from Touchstone

American Fork, UT

Eddie Stone, Founder and President of Touchstone Essentials, an International Organic Nutritionals company of renown, is flying in for a special Meet and Greet, hosted by David Griffiths and the 2Konnect Kommunity in Utah on Thursday, April 5th.

The event will be starting at 5:30 pm for a mingle with Eddie Stone and others of the Touchstone community as well as members and the Executive Team of 2Konnect.  There will also be a tasting table to try out some of the products and enjoy a light evening of getting to know Touchstone and Touchstone Products.

Promptly at 7 pm an introduction meeting will be given by Eddie Stone to any and all who attend to learn more about Touchstone and the Touchstone Business Opportunity.

All are invited as members, guests and friends of guests.  Come and enjoy an evening of refreshment, enlightenment and enjoyment.

Eddie Stone

5:30 – Meet and Greet with Eddie Stone, David Griffiths, Lawrence Law, Glenn Smith, David Crookston…

7:00 – Touchstone Introduction and Opportunity Chat

Holiday Inn Express & Suites American Fork- North Provo (American Fork, UT)

712 South Utah Valley Drive, American Fork, Utah 84003

Alan Newell Discusses the Touchstone 10 Day Transformation Pac

Alan Newell of Touchstone Essentials, a Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer is discussing the 10 Day Transformation Pack and how to lose 10 lbs in 10 days the healthy way.

There are healthy ways to lose weight and unhealthy ways to lose weight.  Alan discusses what the difference is and how to be healthy in losing weight and feeling great all along the way.  No more stress and worry if you are getting the right nutrients while you lose weight.  No more guessing and no more doing it the unhealthy way.

Join in for a great way to get healthy, lose the winter fat and get your shape on!


Transformation Pack pic

2Konnect Introduces Touchstone Grand Opening

Provo, UT  David Griffiths, President of 2Konnect introduced to the 2Konnect community the Grand Opening of Touchstone to the 2Konnect Business Centers.  Touchstone is the brain child of Eddie Stone who has continued a movement across the globe of finding and taking better nutrition.  He has raised the bar for standards of clean, organic and nutritious food for better health and vitality.

David Griffiths introduced Alan Newell of Touchstone to explain the products, services and commission plan of Touchstone to the 2Konnect community and was received with excitement and acceptance.  Many I have spoken to have said they are excited about getting their Advantage Pack and starting on the products as soon as it is their turn.

The recording of the webinar and ZOOM call is here.  Just choose to listen or to stream it on your computer or smartphone by clicking the link.

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How to get $4,000…

We have a brand NEW exciting addition to 2Konnect Community that will blow your socks off – 2KHero Scholarship Program.

The 2KHero Scholarship Program is a humanitarian project that helps those who have given service to others and are needing a way to create a solid, steady and reliable secondary or fulltime income for themselves and their family.

As we kick off this program, 2Konnect has joined with the 2KHeroes Foundation to provide this opportunity to 100 people as their starter program.

Each of these first 100 scholarship awardees will receive 3-month scholarship; which includes on going education that will help you start and maintain your online business, 3 months of enrollment into 2Konnect as a 2KHero, 3 months enrollment in American Dream Nutrition, 3 months enrollment in M. Network and 3 months enrollment in Touchstone Essentials. This will then catapult you into success as your business grows from your efforts and the efforts of the 2Konnect Marketing Machine. This scholarship is intended to jumpstart your business growth in a tremendous way and create momentum as your business grows and develops into a financial success.

What does all this mean? Not only are we introducing 2KHeroes to the 2Konnect community, but we are also looking to find those who can qualify as 2KHeroes. A 2Konnect member can also be a 2KHero but you must apply at

As a 2Konnect member, you could have 2KHeroes in your team who have received a $4,000 scholarship for 3 months to build their business in 2Konnect. That’s powerful!