About 2KHeroes

2KHeroes Business Scholarship Program

The 2KHero program has been established to help veterans and first responders start their own business by providing working capital and training for those early months until their business becomes established.

The 2KHero program has 3 business opportunities along with an affiliate business ready for our veterans to begin their quest for financial independence and security.   Then, through education and training, they learn to build their business and develop their own personal skills, which will provide a residual income for years to come.  2Kheroes will also provide services which will help them save for future needs, retirement, and the unexpected emergencies.

We need your help.   The 2KHero program requires a monthly subscription to help each veteran get started and to sustain the expenses for themselves and their family. As they say, “Many hands make light work.” and so many small donations make up the big amount of support we need to help as many veterans as we can become successful, employed citizens of this great country, honoring them to succeed where many are now failing to find the employment they need.

The Veterans 2KHERO Scholarship Program has been touted as the best practical benefit program for the unemployed heroes that has ever been conceived and employed.  Please consider donating as much as you feel comfortable with, we will use your donation to help our veterans and first responders start, build and maintain their personal business by give them the tools necessary for success.

God Bless our 2KHeroes!

The 2KHeroes Program is Launching Now.  Please Register Here and tell others who qualify to register now for the first round of Scholarships.  We look forward to working with you.

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