Calm CBD Oil Samples Now Available

CBD Sampling Program

By now, most people have heard about the benefits of CBD Oil. This natural plant extract has made countless headlines for its calming properties and how it can aid restful sleep, soothe stress, ease discomfort, and support everyday wellness. Still, many people wonder, will CBD work for me?

Touchstone Essentials has launched a new CBD sampling program that lets people try before they buy, featuring single servings of the best-selling Calm Premium CBD Oil 750mg tincture.

While CBD Oil has numerous long-term benefits, with Calm Premium CBD Oil, many people experience its effects in as little as 30 minutes. That’s why even a single serving can give a taste of enhanced well-being, and why samples are an ideal way to try CBD.

Touchstone Essentials and Verb have partnered to create a special sampling app exclusively for Visionary Business Owners (VBOs) to share the goodness of Calm CBD Oil. The app is loaded with innovative features that make it easy to share, sample, and succeed. Best of all, the app is FREE.

For VBOs, the sampling app provides an easy, socially-distancing way to share single serve samples of Calm CBD Oil with friends, family and contacts. With just a few taps on the phone, sampling sticks are packaged in a branded folder, wrapped in a professional brochure, and shipped off automagically to the contact of their choice.

Calm CBD Oil comes from organically grown hemp, has 25mg of CBD per serving and is broad spectrum for a wide range of benefits, all without any THC, and it finishes with a refreshing organic peppermint flavor.

Each sample mailer contains two single serve sample sticks of Calm Premium CBD Oil for double the goodness. There’s no cost for the sample mailer, just $5.95 to cover shipping and handling. VBOs can cover that cost, or can send contacts to a sample website where a person orders their mailer and covers the shipping.

Once the sample arrives, people can try CBD Oil for themselves, and if they want to keep the calm feeling going, can easily order a full-sized bottle, backed by science, hundreds of five-star reviews, and a money-back guarantee.

As new VBOs join in the US, they gain instant access to the sampling program, and can get one or more complimentary sample credits added to their account so they can start sharing samples right away. [100PV+ first order = 1 free sample credit | 500PV+ first order = 5 free sample credits]

To maximize all the ways the sampling program can support and grow their business, VBOs can simply download the Verb app, login with their email and account password, and start to share, sample and succeed!

Included as one of the benefits of being a Visionary Business Owner, the Calm CBD Oil Sampling App is one more way that Touchstone Essentials’ VBOs are changing the world for the better, with a goal of touching one million families with goodness.

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