The Participation Marketplace®

rNetwork is a next-generation Participation Marketplace platform powered by proprietary software and Payment Engine technology. We are uniquely positioned to disrupt the advertising and online marketplaces for products and services in 2020 and beyond.

rNetwork’s participation marketplace is a buying collective made up of thousands of tiny individual networks consisting of Charter Members and FANNs.

The bigger the network grows, the better the savings, discounts and earnings are for the Company and for the Charter Members who participate.

For the first time rNetwork is giving the profits and savings back to the individual and creating a participation marketplace where everyone wins.

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2 thoughts on “The Participation Marketplace®

  1. I have been involved and seen so many businesses that offer discounts and even discount businesses that offer an income to share, but I have not seen anything like rNetwork and the ability to give discounts but earn on everything a person buys when they get the discount. Think on that. Earning while saving and getting better deals than the best ones online. Now that is powerful!!!


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