2KonnectKares non-profit Announces:

There are many American Veterans that have come home from serving our country and can’t find work for numerous reasons.  Challenges with health, with trust, with the economy, with education, and others. Yet they are respectable citizens of this great nation and we want to honor them and help them succeed as fellow citizens, family and friends.

2KonnectKares has taken on the daunting task of helping to find employment for over 1 million veterans who are out of work, can’t find work and yet want to work and be respected citizens.  There are lots of people and corporations who are helping them with services and benefits but these men and women don’t want charity or handouts as much as they want to work and earn their way.  Respect, Honor, Tradition, Valor – these are what they want. 

2KonnectKares has created the Veterans HERO Scholarship Program to get them started on a home based business that they can participate in and have the respect of earning an income from multiple sources that will provide more than enough to support themselves without government handouts or welfare.

But, it takes a source of funds to get them started. 2KonnectKares is building that source of funds through Donations, Grants, Business Growth and Humanitarian Funds to be able to help start the Veterans HERO Scholarship Program as soon as possible. Our soft-launch date is June 1, 2015 but can be move up if we get the funds needed to get started.

2KonnectKares has 5 Home Based Businesses ready to implement this program immediately once funding is available. We need $1067 a month for 4 months for each veteran we get started to help them make enough to sustain the expenses for themselves and their family.. Then, through education and training, they learn to continue and build those businesses on their own into ongoing income each month.  We also have services to help them save some each month for future needs, retirement and emergency, just like any other family would with a steady, beneficial income.

We need your help.  As they say, “Many hands make light work.” and so many small donations make up the big amount of support we need to help as many veterans as we can become successful, employed citizens of this great country, honoring them to succeed where many are now failing to find the employment they need.

The Veterans HERO Scholarship Program has been touted as the best practical benefit program for the unemployed veterans that has ever been conceived and employed.  Please consider donating as much as you feel comfortable with and we will put every dollar to work for veterans all over the USA that need this program to survive with Respect, Honor, Integrity and Valor.

God Bless the USA Veteran!

Please Donate on PayPal by Sending To – donate@2konnectkares.org

We will update on progress and those we are helping.

6 thoughts on “2KonnectKares non-profit Announces:

      1. The Veteran’s HERO Scholarship Program is one where 2KonnectKares is gathering funds together to help a Veteran is unable to go to a job because of health or disabilities issues, or is someone who has tried to find work and does not have the skills needed to secure a job in the public sector or someone who isn’t making the income needed to provide even the basic necessities for him/herself or family.

        It’s a growing problem and 2KonnectKares has identified a solution that will help them get up on their feet financially with a stable monthly income.

        2KonnectKares has made alliances with many Home Based Businesses that are working together to start a business for the Veteran, train and teach them how to manage their business and then help that business get to a point of making enough money to maintain itself into the future. The Veteran then has a source of income that is stable and growable to whatever level they choose to take it.
        This is not a charity… this is not a handout… this is a scholarship and a way to learn some new skills and start a new career that will provide for them and their families for the rest of their lives.

        No other Veteran support program implemented has taken on a task of this magnitude or this direct to the Veteran him/herself to provide an immediate solution.
        It requires a huge investment in time and money to make this work. It’s taking the Veteran back to school, helping them start a new business venture and then training them to be successful in their new career.
        We are asking everyone who has ever been blessed by the defense of the Military Veteran to consider helping with this cause. We ask that you donate some money to give back to those who have served us and who are struggling to get a job and live a normal, productive life as an honorable citizen of the USA.

        Please donate something today… It is greatly appreciated…


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