How to Donate


Brought to you by 2KHeroes Foundation a non-profit organizations

As we prepare for the second phase of our 2KHero Program, we are introducing a new opportunity for everyone to get involved and benefit from the sponsorship of the new 2KHeroes.

We are implementing a donation program for anyone wishing to become involved with this great program.

For every $100.00 you donate you will receive 1 – 2KHero personally assigned and sponsored by you.

Donate $500.00 and you will receive 5 – 2KHeroes, assigned and sponsored directly to you, and… because you donated $500.00 you will also receive an additional bonus 2KHero, which will bring your total to 6 – 2KHeroes.

Donate $1,000 and you will receive 10 – 2KHeroes and 2 additional bonus 2KHeroes, for a total of 12 – 2KHeroes.

Thank you for your donation – your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Your donation will benefit and reward our true heroes.

Please spread the word as donations are needed and required to further the mission of the  2KHeroes Foundation.


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